Linchpin Intranet Suite 3.2

Welcome to Linchpin Intranet Suite 3.2

The Linchpin Intranet Suite 3.2 release contains many patches for Linchpin.
In addition, all apps are compatible with the read-only mode.
Several bugs are fixed and the user experience improved while also introducing some new features.

Overall improvements

All apps are now compatible with the Confluence Data Center read-only mode.

Complete changelog  –   New features


Here is a complete overview of all of the changes that //SEIBERT/MEDIA has implemented in Linchpin Intranet Suite release – But be aware: It’s a lot – don’t get lost in this looooooong list! (wink)

You can now include whole pages using the “Profile Based Page” macro.



  • All apps are now compatible with the Confluence Data Center read-only mode.
  • You can now define H1 or H2 headings in Microblog content.
  • They improved the link tool included in the Microblog. You can link Confluence pages directly from the tool.
  • You can now format microposts with help of the established Confluence markup.
  • They included minor improvements for @-mention handling within the Microblog.
  • Full-day events now behave correctly across different time zones.
  • Users can now duplicate any event for which they have view permissions.
  • Improved responsiveness of the “Create event” dialogue.
  • When configuring an “Event” macro, you can now select your event from a list that shows more than 15 results for your filter criteria.


  • When configuring the Linchpin Assistant to include fields in restricted categories, these restrictions are now respected.
  • When configuring validated phone fields to be filled via a directory, they can now only be filled manually by users that are not in that directory.
  • The display of phone numbers in Linchpin Mobile has been fixed (no more visible “tel:”).
  • When only selecting a single item in a cascading select fields, editing your profile again now correctly remembers that selection.
  • Saving profile edit permissions does not show console errors anymore.
  • In rare cases, problems with personalization not updating instantly could occur. This has been fixed.
  • Fix for a bug introduced in 2.21.3: You can now select people in the “Content Responsibility” macro again, other multi-selects are fixed as well.
  • The news subscription module for the Linchpin Assistant now shows readable text in the tooltips.
  • “News feed” macros now work correctly when used together with Bitvoodoo’s Navitabs.
  • Since version 2.11.0, unread news have markers when Bitvoodoo’s Viewtracker is used. Those markers don’t appear above the Linchpin menu drop-downs anymore.
  • The read-only field Content-ID in the timeline placeholder macro is now hidden.
  • They fixed an issue with opening the “Recently viewed” Confluence popover.
  • Fixed an issue with the event list macro showing events that did not match the filter criteria.
  • If you already updated to Version 3.2.0 this release fixes an issue with the upgrade task for existing events.
  • Fixed an issue with the context path for page URLs in event ICS exports.
  • You can now use original Confluence profile fields for filtering users in the people directory

Linchpin Intranet 3.1

Linchpin Intranet Suite 3.1

New design for user profiles, a theme wizard, and a technically stabile foundation for the mobile app

The past ten weeks have flown by, and yet another development period has come to an end where our teams have rolled out new features for the Linchpin Intranet Suite. The brand-new 3.1 version of the Confluence-based social intranet solution is now available and focuses on user profiles. In addition to the long-awaited new profile look with customizable background images, we have also taken initial steps towards significantly improving the user directory. As a first step, the user directory offers several filter options to make it easier to find colleagues. The team has also done a lot in the mobile app.

Here’s an overview of the new features:

New look for intranet user profiles

Users can now add background images to their profiles. This way, they have a visual means to display their interests or show that they belong to a particular team or department. This feature can also promote identification with the company across the entire user base.

Linchpin Profile Picture

Filter options in user directories

In a modern intranet, users should be able to find specialist contacts and gain an overview of colleagues on the system quickly and easily. This will be much easier from now on, thanks to the practical filter options that are available in user directories.

Linchpin Intranet user search

Practical theme wizard

The theme wizard helps you to adapt the Linchpin design to match your own corporate design in just two steps.

  1. Upload a logo
  2. Confirm or select the primary colors

The theme wizard will take care of the rest for you. Of course, you also have the option to configure the theme manually at a later date.Linchpin Intranet theme wizard 1
Linchpin Intranet theme wizard 2

Improved efficiency and relevance for news

High volumes of news on an intranet can make it challenging to maintain a clear overview and interact with news efficiently.

Now, news items that have already been read will be marked as such in Linchpin.

Our Linchpin team has solved this challenge by integrating the Viewtracker für Confluence app, which was developed by our colleagues at Bitvoodoo (you can find information about Viewtracker and test it for free on the Atlassian Marketplace). Viewtracker tracks user behavior: If a user clicks on a news item, the app records this personalized information in the background. Linchpin then creates a visual cue. The icon in the preview showing that a new item hasn’t been read yet will then be removed from that particular news item.

Linchpin Intranet news

An intranet stable technical foundation and a new look for Linchpin Mobile

As part of the Linchpin Suite Release 3.1, we have further improved the mobile app, made changes to provide it with a more stable technical foundation, and given the entire app a new, modernized look. The visual changes in line with iOS 13 and the current Google Material Design for Android ensure that the app feels more natural on both operating systems, lends more structure to the content, and offers a more intuitive user experience.

Linchpin Mobile app news  Linchpin Mobile app usersLinchpin Mobile app profile

Additional features and optimizations

  • Jira Issues, Confluence tasks, and the activity stream are now displayed in the Linchpin sidebar.
  • Tasks in Linchpin Assistant now have a start and end date.
  • News categories can be accessed from the news portal and the sidebar.
  • News categories can be translated.
  • And much more

Linchpin Intranet 3.0

A new version of Linchpin Intranet was released 3.0

New Features:
  • Define the language of any Confluence page, blog post or space.
  • Create translations of any Confluence page or blog post.
  • Link all translated page with each other.
  • Choose between translations via drop-down menu placed directly on the page.
  • Get notified whenever a translation in your language is available.
  • You can add local images via drag and drop now.
  • You can also add images by pasting an image URL.
  • Pasting web-images from the clipboard is possible now.
  • Add YouTube and Vimeo videos by pasting the url.
  • By default, new events are visible to all registered users. Optionally, each event can be restricted to members of any Confluence space
  • Event editors can now be defined based on individual users and user groups.
  • The creator of an event can be displayed inside the event now, so that participants can contact them.
  • Cover images can be added directly from the Unsplash image database when editing an event (only available if this option is enabled by administration).
  • The “Apps” macro is now also available for mobile use and allows Linchpin Mobile users to access their favorite apps when on the go.
  • The Language Manager is available for server and DC instances now.
  • The “Custom User List” has a pagination now and the performance has been improved.
  • The avatar display of the “Content Responsibility Macro” has been improved.
  • We have made technical improvements to ensure sustainability.
  • We improved the PDF export layout for pages containing the “Custom User List” macro with text area profile fields.
  • We improved the support for videos and images.
  • Small screen sizes received a better support.
  • Event editors always have access to all event functions – even if there are restrictions in place.
  • The “Sign me up” button is hidden for events for which the registration is not allowed.
  • We improved the protection against XSS attacks.
  • In Linchpin Theme, we clarified which custom landing space entry will apply to a user.
  • We clarified which custom landing space entry will apply to a user.
  • All language names should be displayed in the correct Confluence language now. Please note that this was a Confluence bug.
  • The display of search results in the “Custom User Search” macro has been corrected. Previously it could happen that they were positioned incorrectly on the screen.
  • When using a custom language pack to translate profile field and category names, the system’s default language is now used as a fallback when no translation exists for a user’s language.
  • Until now, the OrgCharts did not show users when the capitalization of the user profile field was done incorrectly (as in: different from the actual user name). This has been fixed to use a case-insensitive lookup. Superior and subordinate users are now displayed properly, even if “JaneDoe” is entered as “janedoe”.
  • We fixed an issue with file uploads to Confluence pages failing on rare occasions.
  • We also fixed an issue with Oracle databases that prevented displaying any events in the system.
  • Sometimes, pop-ups were positioned way off, for example when mentioning someone. This has been corrected in the new version of Linchpin Theme.
  • We also fixed some optical issues with the Linchpin Theme plugin.
  • We have fixed an optical issue concerning the “Cover Stories” macro in combination with Bitvoodoo’s Navitabs.
  • We resolved a bug that caused attachments to break on edit (only affected Confluence < 6.15).
  • We resolved a bug that broke @-Mentions on edit.
  • Addressed a bug causing the configuration not to load