Atlassian is the world’s leading wiki software for companies of all sizes.

Confluence is powerful but easy to use, providing you with all the collaboration tools you need to make your team projects successful.

Confluence is opened and shared space. It connects people and ideas. It makes easy to create, edit, manage and share pages, comments, documents and content with other users. It is complemented by a range of attractive features and state-of-the-art web 2.0 technology.

Confluence is a selection system for direct communication and effective collaboration.

Features, benefits and typical applications

Distributing and receiving the Knowledge Base

Easy access to information and more effective cooperation

Projects and events planning

Meetings´ notes, records of product requirements

Links to internal and external programs




Corporate social intranet – Intranet 2.0

Digital Workplace Portal

Knowledge Base Platforms – Wiki

Project documentation and collaboration

Portal of announcements, news and events

Portal links to important internal and external applications

Atlassian project and task management products can be used by any manager to plan, track and report on work  They support your team work, they are optimized to meet their needs. Powerful SLA support, configurable circuits for incomplete tasks, real-time reporting and many other features for your   operators or service team