LINCHPIN An excellent modern and mobile tool that connects people, teams and places.

What is LINCHPIN ?

Intranet – software solution focused on modern mobile company intranet based on Atlassian Confluence.

Linchpin was developed for modern organizations and their specific communication needs, cooperation. It offers a simple and functional alternative to established software solutions on the intranet market – at a significantly lower cost and lower technical complexity.

It ensures fast and easy collaboration of work teams, an important bank of information and data necessary for their successful and effective communication. The add-ons provided by Atlassian Marketplace for announcements and news, whether to add more information to a user profile, touch screen or efficient microblogging make it a stronger intranet than Confluence itself.




Features, benefits and typical applications

A collaboration tool that supports corporate internal communications regardless of localization

A place where news and announcements are offered just for you

Information mobility

Open and transparent cooperation of working teams

Detailed information in the employee profile



The corporate Intranet – Intranet 2.0

Database of knowledge and its sharing

Portal of digital and mobile workplace

Information portal – Must See News

Personalization – database of information needed for work

Portal for modern project teams

Dynamic global navigation


Atlassian project and task management products can be used by any manager to plan, track and report on work  They support your team work, they are optimized to meet their needs. Powerful SLA support, configurable circuits for incomplete tasks, real-time reporting and many other features for your  operators or service team.