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Simplify on/off boarding or any HR request

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Let´s build and develope your requirements with Atlassian products

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Agile project management is an iterative approach to managing software development projects that focuses on continuous releases and incorporating customer feedback with every iteration.

Software teams that embrace agile project management methodologies increase their development speed, expand collaboration, and foster the ability to better respond to market trends.

Teams across the world rely on Jira Service Management.
Jira Service Management is a more customer-centric approach on ITSM. Itcan help you meet your target while saving time and money.

IT solutions

Accelerate your Teams with Jira Service Management

A modern ITSM can help to deliver the IT services your customers and employees need and expect. Jira Service Management is an intuitive powerful platform not only for IT teams.
It offers a more customer-oriented approach on ITSM. Your teams can collaborate and respond to requests fast. With templates and report automation you can start quickly. Just discover the plans and choose the features that suit your requirements.



Be Agile with Jira Software

Make the work of your IT teams more visible and easier.
Businesses are under pressure to transform quickly. With Jira Software, you become truly agile so your software development teams can quickly build and iterate digital services and applications.

Jira Work Management - created for Business Teams

Jira Work Management makes it easy for business teams to collaborate, align and deliver work, all in one place.
You can easily track your team’s progress, priorities, and workload. Jira Work Management can be integrated with Jira Software and Confluence to connect business and software teams like no other tool can.

Jira Cloud Roadmap & Migration

The pressure is on development teams to build and iterate digital services, apps, and products at speed. Adopting cloud-based tools will give your teams the agility they need — we can guide you through the challenges of migrating to the cloud.

Confluence - Place for knowledge and be organized

Use spaces to organize your work and be informed. Spaces help your team structure, organize, and share work, so every team member has visibility into institutional knowledge and access to the information they need to do their best work.
LINCHPIN Intranet with Atlassian’s Confluence is the central hub for your daily tasks, it is the place for transparent collaboration.
MANTRA – Your Cofluence Cloud Intranet provides you with all the tools you need to make your project a success.

Atlassian Licensing

Finding ways to save money is a smart and especially important step. We take care of your Atlassian license management and we can help you to choose the right type of license tear.
We offer to save you time and effort by synchronizing your product licenses to simplify the recovery process and save your money.


Atlassian Support and Consultation

We offer new project solutions, changes and possibly optimization of already existing solutions. We can also provide you with proposals for alternative solutions to existing processes.
We offer consultations on individual Atlassian products, including options for expanding addons, as well as on their implementation.