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Scale fast and smart your Atlassian Platform

Jira & Confluence Implementation

​You are considering using Atlassian products and need to achieve value.
Finding the optimal solution requires experience. You may need a few stakeholder demos.
Range in Atlassian product version selection and related applications to get all the features you need for your teams.
We offer you an Agile implementation methodology that will bring you results.


Licences Optimization

By incorporating a few wise strategies into your Jira usage, you can optimize your costs while still making use of its powerful functionalities.
There are some possibilities:”When evaluating the various Jira plans, carefully assess the additional features they offer and determine whether they align with your team’s specific needs”, “Examine Jira add-ons you’re using “, “Optimize Jira user licenses by managing active users”….
We plan, design and optimize

Migration to the Cloud

Why migrate to the cloud?
Development teams are under pressure to quickly build and iterate on digital services, applications and products. Adopting cloud tools will give your teams the agility, productivity anf flexibility they need to deliver digital services.
Do you want to accelerate your migration to cloud tools and enable your teams to spend less time managing and more time creating value?
We’ll guide you through every stage of your cloud migration.


Modernizaton of ITSM

A modern high-velocity ITSM system can help unlock the full potential of your technology investments by enabling you to deliver the IT services your customers and employees need and expect.
We can help accelerate your IT services transformatio,guide you through all stages of your ITSM implementation, from project scoping to deployment and data migration.
We’ll help your IT operations, support, and other technical and business teams get up to speed and deliver great user experiences.

Scaling of your Atlassian Platform

“Scale Your Business”
The topic is a popular one because no matter what size our businesses are today, most of us are planning to grow. We’d love nothing more than to serve more customers, solve more customer problems, and increase our profits along the way. We’d consider it a major win if our product use doubled overnight.
Scaling fast, smart, and affordably requires more than a spike in customer interest, more than great products and a culture focused on growth. It also requires systems that scale—in, out, up, and down—to meet the needs of your customers and teams as they arise.
Scalability is a primary driver for cloud migration.